I must admit that I have had this knowledge for years and have been afraid to share it. 

It all started when Jesus spoke into my spirit that He wanted - needed, to show me a part of hell.  It made me nervous, but He was good enough to prepare me for it.  I took some time to study videos and books of others that claim to have seen, or been to hell.

I think I was pretty prepared mentally and emotionally, but I did not want to actually go there like some have.  Jesus honored that request and this is what happened.

I was sitting on the couch in my den and my husband was gone overnight to work.  This was actually months after the Lord told me He was going to show me hell.  I had just put it on the shelf and out of my mind.  

That day I was sitting and praying and talking to Him when He opened my eyes up to see into the spirit realm.  He came and sat beside me and gently put His arm around me.  He was so considerate of my feelings it was wonderful.  He knew this would not be easy.

He said “I need to show you something”  and as He said this - I was able to look into hell without feeling or experiencing it.  But what I saw shocked me.  As He zoomed in on a certain place, I saw a woman standing in a hole filled with lava.  Her face was partially decayed and I knew who it was.  It was a female relative I had known my whole life.  It was hard to believe, because she attended church almost every weekend.

Lord?!!!  Jesus then began showing me snippets of her life where He had tried to intervene.  First He gave her a good and prosperous life and she was well to do in her community.  But she did not bow her knee to Christ, even though she attended church as more of a social duty than a love for Christ.  Second:  He decided to allow a tragedy in her life in hopes that she would cry out to Him.  Her young daughter got ill and passed away.  Still she did not call on God and got bitter.  She was very mean to people and persecuted her sister who was a sweet and gentle believer in Christ.  Third:  Her husband died suddenly and He mercifully took care of all her needs even though he did not have a will.  She became a business woman and was cared for by the small community.  But she did not thank God or acknowledge Him - though she pretended to be a pious woman.  She was very mean to those around her.
Forth:  Her health failed slowly, so she had plenty of time to pray and cry out to God.  She lived well into her 80’s.

At this point I had given my life to Christ and unaware of her situation as a young girl - I went to visit her in the nursing home.  Just wanting to make sure she was saved I asked her if she would pray with me.  She stiffened, made a face and blurted out a rehearsed prayer that she had probably learned in childhood.  But she was not talking to God at all.  Still pretending.  When I left I felt grieved at her response, but I had no idea……

I was flabbergasted and did not even know what to say.  Jesus closed the vision and sat with me.  A few days later He showed me a little more.

There was a man I had known, a preacher, that had ministered for years, but he hated his wife.  HATED her. They fought all the time and late in life he got cancer and died.  His wife was in the room and said that he just glared at her and didn’t say a word.  It broke her heart as towards the end she tried to make amends and help him get right with God - even bringing in a well respected minister to talk to him - but he stubbornly refused to repent or change his heart.

I remembered that after he passed away - I had a quick vision of this man looking at me and saying  “why didn’t you intervene?”  All of their friends had allowed his wife to disrespect him openly and embarrass him and no one had the courage to confront her - we all had a chance.
He was also bitter at God for allowing his first wife to die of cancer.  He had all kinds of unforgiveness in his heart when he passed away.  I saw a quick glimpse of him and his body was shriveled and burned - though his face was normal as he spoke to me.   

Jesus simply said to me - “that was real.  When you saw that it wasn’t your imagination.”  

Scripture tells us that if we will not forgive others, He will not forgive us.  If you are not forgiven - then you are not going to heaven.  

This is terrifying to me, which is why I have been “running”  from sharing it.  So please God and my brothers  and sisters in Christ forgive me.  And pray for God to free me from any remaining cowardice.   

Matthew 6:14-16
 “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

It’s right there in black and white.  Jesus means what He says.  We as believers cannot afford to have unforgiveness in our hearts - the consequences are dire.

But - good news….1 John 1:9
“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Jesus blood will wash it away and help us to heal from the wound of whatever it is.  To forgive is not condoning their behavior - but releasing you from the damage to your own soul.  God will deal with people.  “vengeance is Mine saith the Lord” Turn them over to Him and let it go.

I hope you will take these things seriously.  Death can come quick and unexpected and we all need to stay in a place of readiness.

God is ready to receive you - your repentance and your heart if you have not accepted Jesus as your Lord.  I pray you will do it now.


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